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The process of Beatification of a vietnamese, Redemptorist brother, Marcel Van, was opened in 1997 in the diocese of Belley-Ars in France.
These are all the questions this DVD tries to answer through conferences and unedited witnesses:
1 - Father Boucher, Van's spiritual director, tell Van's story (52 mn)
2 - What is a beatification process? Father Maurice Bouvier (29 mn)
3 - The opening of the beatification Process of Brother Marcel Van (18 mn)
4 - Why I agreed to be a postulator? Mgr F.X. Nguyen Van Thuan (38 mn)
5 - The organization of a cause of beatification and the official documents (3 mn)


5 languages: French, English, Vietnamese, Spanish, Italian.

Chose your format: american NTSC or european PAL format

DVD "The beatification process of Marcel Van"

12,00 €Prix
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